8. August 2016


crm contact management

Contact Management

More than address management:

With a clear registration and processing of your contacts, you will avoid making incorrect entries and thereby save time. Manage the communication you had with a company or a person and document it. Thereby you always have the last latest correspondence on record.

Manage contacts:

Comfortable search with customizable criteria. Private and business addresses of your customers and partners. Entire organizations along with contact persons and their responsibilities. Pictures, Logos and locations of your contacts. Characteristics of your customers such as payment behavior and preferences.

Customer Relationship Management:

By using the contacts module, you can fully concentrate on your customer service. You can consistently align your business to your customers and systematically manage your customer relationship processes. For example, you can assign characteristics such as address source, branch or address type. You can also create a distributed newsletter or seminars, which you assign to a certain customer. In this way, you can engage your customers and target them more efficiently. Client service ethic are always of high priority. It is said that a new customer costsĀ up to five times than an existing client. Therefore, communication in the customer process is important. With the business manager CRM software, you can increase your customer value and successfully gain new customers.