12. August 2016


Your knowledgebase. CRM system. Store documents centrally.

Your knowledgebase.

Store documents centrally

business manager offers you a central place for knowledge management. You can store many kinds of documents, such as marketing documents or instructions for complex tasks. Thereby you provide access to a central location of important information and documents.

Knowledge is power

Offer your employees a helpful platform which can be accessed at any time, to manage important client data or solutions. Employees benefit from knowledge of other employees. The knowledgebase provides answers to your questions.

Use expertise

Save and use important knowledge in your CRM system. Centrally stored in one location. The transfer of expertise within the company is simplified - your library for company information, product manuals, FAQ, data sheets or other items with current and relevant information. You can determine who has access to which item. In that way you can secure confidential data.