12. August 2016


crm product management catalog

Your products and services in one glance.

Product catalog

With one click in our CRM system, you have an overview of your products and services. Make it easier for yourself to increase your sales by creating a structured product overview. business manager has an overview of the products and their prices, suppliers, customers and even competitors.

Clear Management

Attach pictures and descriptions to your products and services.Compare these and manage contracts with clients and suppliers. Allocate different VAT rates, net and gross prices, define billing information and assign your products/services to a specific group or type.

Make things easier for your sales team

Make it easier for your sales staff to increase their sales, by using a clear and strategically arranged product catalog. With the click of a button you can gather this information and provide the customer with a more thorough advice. Reports display your information more clearly: Exported as PDF or Excel - products, suppliers and competitors will become visible in one glance.