12. August 2016


The CRM platform for sales 

Provide your sales team with structured and processed information.

Strengthen Sales

Ensure consistent and complete communication between indoor and outdoor services. This is not always provided with locally stored emails, excel and word documents. business manager supports interdepartmental communication, as all relevant information is captured within the CRM software. They can act flexibly and quickly.

Sales activity in one view

Within a few clicks, all important information of the sales processes are to your disposal: The possibility of a new contract, the expected sales revenue, and the moment of successful completion of the contract. You can capture your Sales Discussions success rate by entering percentage targets.

The CRM platform for sales

Increase your sales by structured processed information. All interactions with customers, such as customer details, the previous communication within the sales process and the probability of closing a sale are located centrally within your CRM system. It does not matter whether or not the sales staff works in or outside the office; increase the productivity of your sales team as complex business processes are automated and made more efficient. Increase your success rate with the business manager solution.