12. August 2016


CRM system for e-mail in the cloud

All e-mails in one place.

CRM mail system

A study done by the institute of consumer research has revealed, that the average mail traffic takes up approximately one and a half hours of work per day. Manage this time spent in a webmail module, which organizes your emails and sorts them. Build folders, contact groups and redirect spam to the trash. Save additional time by using custom templates within your UI.

Automatic assignment

Each incoming and outgoing communication will be delivered to your mailbox, but also automatically deposited to the contact. The entire correspondence of your contacts is also transparently displayed for authorized employees. In that way you save time of internal coordination and have more time available for your customers.

E-Mail in the cloud

Forget about Outlook and Exchange Server - With the business manager CRM system, your emails will be in the cloud. Safely stored in Germany. In that way you'll always have access to important information when you travel and you don't need to synchronize your endpoint devices. The CRM mail module is structured clearly and offers similar features to Outlook.