8. August 2016


Appointment management CRM appointment planner

Never miss an appointment again.

Appointment management

The appointments module offers a clear presentation of appointments. Thereby, and with permissions, you can display your own events as well as share and view data of your colleagues. Distinguish between different appointment types such as private or client-based etc. The view can be configured for day, week, month and year. In that way, you will never lose track. Add participants to appointments. Enable reminders.

More than a calendar

Have your appointments displayed in various different views, so that you never lose track. The reminder feature never lets you miss an appointment. Add your existing contacts to your appointments. Create tasks for your employees and observe the progress.

CRM appointment planner

With the CRM module, you can manage your appointments, staff and resources efficiently. Plan more quickly: Find a mutually available appointment date with your colleagues. Book appointments for others. Edit appointment enquiries quickly and easily and comfortably invite participants to an appointment. Recurring appointments can be created as easily as once-off appointments. Online appointment planning for a good overview.